Thursday, November 23, 2006


As I reach out to touch the star,
It slips away just a little far;
I step out and follow the light,
A trail of silver in the darkness of the night.

The path is dizzying,
But I skip along;
Engulfed with love... oh the feeling,
My heart is on a song.

As I reach out to feel the mist,
It escapes through the corners of my fist;
I follow the haze as it melts beyond,
A cloud of dew on the parched ground.

I smile, I dance,
As I sink into an abyss;
It draws me deeper-into a trance,
A world- where nothing seems amiss.

As I'm about to near my goal,
A riveting sight seizes my soul;
No star nor mist can I find,
But only images that numb my mind.

This is my past coming back to me,
Every memory flashing wickedly;
Those were happy, yet ridden with conflict,
A path that I chose to desert and drift.

As the images come to an end,
I spot a lone figure along the bend,
Steadily chasing the embers of what once was,
Reaching out for the tears of loss.

O what a pity it has been,
To be chasing such an empty dream.
It is now that I must deal,
To be caught in the past or live and heal.