Monday, April 30, 2007

Work Woes!

A financial company is not the most thrilling place to be, at least for a non financial person like me. What began as financial editing has now temporarily (or so they claim) shifted gear to editing transcripts.

Let me explain the process a bit. All big(for lack of a better technical sounding word) companies have a conference call every quarter to discuss its performance/lack of it and field questions from business analysts. Anybody who thinks this sounds interesting, read no further. So what some of my unfortunate collegues and I have been doing for some days now, is to put on our headphones and check such conference call transcripts for errors. Fascinating?

To keep myself from turning insane, I've taken to writing some more random verses. Most of the inspiration usually occurs at noon, post lunch when the brain starts hibernating anyway.


Eating too much lunch is bad,
I confess now I’m not too glad;
Feeling sleepy and ready to doze,
And you agree on that, I suppose.

But lunch is not the real cause,
It’s just the thought of picking flaws
From a transcript that interests me,
As much as a dancing flea.


They whisper sweet nothings into my ear,
But romantic words those aren’t I fear;
All their talk on CapEx and GAAP,
Makes me want to shut their trap.


O pray tell me why I’ve landed here,
Just to torture my sensitive ear?
Life’s purpose is surely not this,
Or to edit a faulty synopsis!