Friday, December 11, 2009

Finding the funny bone

Does it ever happen to you that when you talk to some people in particular you find yourself being wittier or charmingly funnier than usual? Of course this is not applicable to people who are just generally blessed with a funny bone. I'm talking about people like me who are, lets face it, not that funny most of the time. But when it happens to be that particular funny friend (not to be mistaken with phony friend. See, my sense of humour is awful, sniffs) your e-mails, conversations, or even an sms are charged with that spark of funnyness. Word play and sarcasm seem easy to come by and life's really ha ha hee hee.

I guess it has to do with the relationship you share with the person. Probably it is the comfort factor - you're not worried about being judged. And by the way if you're judging me at this point and thinking that these funny friends of mine probably are not funny themselves, implying my bonhomie with them, then you're partly correct wrong. I mean, some of them are hilarious so its probably just easier to make them laugh when they're already laughing. Makes sense? And then with some, I have to admit I'm funny (even if I say so!).

I envy people who have the magical ability of bringing laughter wherever they go. It's their wit, their personality and the things they do, that make people smile/laugh/roll on the floor. On the other hand, you need people like me to giggle and laugh when the joke is out (that is if I get the joke, kidding). But really, either you have it or you dont. And forcing a bad joke down somebody's throat will only make you fall flat and lose all those teeth. And after you've visited the dentist to get them fixed, guess who'll be having the last laugh?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food and frost

I’ve been really fascinated by this blog on cooking. I just came across it a couple of days ago and I’ve been reading it like a novel. :) It interests me particularly because I’m a vegetarian and all her recipes are too. And when recipes are accompanied with some wonderful photographs, it becomes all the more tempting. Of course, it doesn’t help if you’re looking at too many pictures of cakes, pastries, and all such sinful desserts (I have a major sweet tooth) because I tend to crave for that sugar rush and need to pop in some chocolate or a sweet. (Also if I’m surfing at work, its easier to stare at recipe text and pretend to look busy than a bright photograph of cheese and cherries). So the good thing about this blog is that there are tons of yummy-looking main course items which I can handle. :) By the way in case this sounds like I’ve been trying out what I read, its unfortunately a big no. I would like to though. I’m especially keen on using up half a dozen apples that have been sitting in my fridge for a while now. Jam, apple kheer, or apple pie (very ambitious, who’s going to make that, me?) should be the best options. I’m so good at food talk. Time to walk the talk.

On a different note, it’s getting cold these days. And offices like mine are quite terrible at regulating the heating. In summer it is so cold, you wear a sweater inside office. And in winter it is invariably even more brrrr, which means I’m rubbing my frozen fingers and nails that have turned blue. Gosh, I’m not meant for colder places. It must be so tough dealing with the cold and the darkness.

In monsoon I wait for the clouds to lift,
To get a peek of the clear blue sky.

In winter I hope for the cold winds to subside,
And soak in the heady warmth of the sun.

In summer, the tides have completely turned,
And I yearn for the wet rains and the cool breeze. Sigh.

That does sound like I’m complaining all the time. Lol. But no, its just a thought you have on days where you ‘wish’ for better weather. As for now, there’s nothing that a steaming cup of coffee or chai can’t do to warm me up.