Friday, September 25, 2009

Workplace woes and the weekend

I'm a happy girl today. Or more like relieved happy. That's because my office is pretty empty today and I can do what I please. la laala. Little pleasures in life. That also makes me sound like a workplace anti-social entity. Few people around and that makes me happy? Yes, yes. Actually, once in a while its really good to have that calm atmosphere around you.

And it is particularly the absence of one pesky, super annonying person that's making me feel relaxed. Really, how does one deal with somebody who sits right next to you, is part of your office group and so is always with you for all your lunch/coffee breaks and..AND..doesn't talk to you directly? Let me explain. Something that I said last week has apparently offended her so much that she refused to talk to me after that. And its not that I miss her company but I just cannot understand how a 30-year old can go around acting like a kid that's been denied some candy. How difficult is it to sort out differences through a calm conversation to begin with, heated argument maybe, but still, nothing's worse than refusing to talk about the issue and let it just be buried and think of the worst instead. Even if things can't be sorted out, there's always a dignified way in letting the other person know that. It really shocked me initally because I have never faced this situation before. Now I'm just plain irritated at having to deal with her each day. I know for a fact that she has misunderstood the initial comment because nobody I have spoken to about this can believe that it would cause somebody to get upset. In fact, my friends and other office collegues are amused that it led to a "I don't want to talk to you anymore" comment.

I think sometimes people don't grow up and know how to deal with others in a professional setting. I'm not saying everybody should maintain an air of diplomacy and continue to talk to people who upset or annoy them. But when things arise out of a misunderstanding, especially if the other person is somebody you talk to on a personal level, why would you act weird in office and make things difficult for others too? Hope good sense prevails soon. Amen.

Coming back to today. It's a Friday! And there's a long weekend ahead, so let me focus on the joys of life. Hoping to drive somewhere out of the city with B. After all our treks in the Western Ghats, near Mumabai, its time we started exporing the landscape outside Bengalure. Happy Friday everybody!