Friday, January 16, 2009

Presently speaking

So, it’s been a year since I posted. And in that time I’ve grown older; not the philosophical older and wiser, just literally older. But if anybody thinks I’m getting wiser, I won’t be contesting that.

The past year has been quite interesting—a roller coaster ride with a happy conclusion in the end. The coming year promises to be a lot more exciting.

And, for some reason the thought that comes to mind right now, is this simple one from the cute movie Kung Fu Panda. (It might not be originally from the movie, but I couldn’t have heard it from anybody better than the wise old Oogway).

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift;
That is why it’s called the present.

So that’s what I’d like to do. Live in the present. This does sound like a recurring theme from some previous post (yes, I know there are only some 5 odd posts) but this time it’s not meant in a bury-the-past tone. I just want to make an effort to be in the moment. Somebody who’s Not: lost in a sea of thoughts, worried about the consequences of what might never happen, brooding about what has already happened. Sure, it is fine to let your thoughts stray, dream about nothing in particular (or specifically about a ‘95% off on everything’ sale). It’s those times when you find yourself stuck to the ground, watching the world whiz by. You’re among people but not with them. (if that made sense).

I also want to be more aware of little things happening around me, like, remembering to switch off the pressure cooker, saying something when I want to, being a little more impulsive in a good way. Agreed, Oogway didn’t have pressure cookers in mind when he came up with wise thoughts, but I am no Panda either, so I’ll absorb the words in a way that’s relevant to me, at present.

Happy New Year!